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Spiral Education, Harper Teen & Worksheets

Spiral Education– I’ve been on the hunt for quick, online formative assessment formats as we are a 1:1 building. You may have used,, Google Forms and other such online formats. I think this one might be worth checking out– You can upload pre-made presentations via PowerPoint or Slides and drop in interactive elements such as questions and collaboration time. The QuickFire feature is a formative assessment tool that allows students to answer in a variety of formats including text response or drawings. TeamUp allows students to collaborate on presentations together on multiple devices while Clip allows teachers to drop questions into videos to check for understanding. There is also a library of public presentations that you can edit and make your own. I’d love to hear if you try this out in your classroom and what you think of it.

Harper Teen Book Giveaways– A great way to keep up with current teen reads is to follow @HarperTeen via Twitter. They post little blurbs about new teen books as well as recommendations and links to excerpts. They also post contests through GoodReads! I have hopped on a few times to try to win some new books and then ended up bee-bopping around GoodReads,, for a while. If you don’t know about GoodReads, it is a social media site for readers to post books they have read, reviews, and books they’d like to read. I believe that our students already have the GoodReads app on their iPads!

Worksheets:– A blog that you’ll want to check out is where self-proclaimed “math nerd” John Stevens posts lots of goodies (he also is behind Table Talk Math, which provides strategies for conversing with kids about math). His most recent post is titled, “Confession: I Like Worksheets.” We all know that worksheets can elicit a “sigh” from kiddos, especially in a 1:1 building, but John makes the case for worksheets– as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Carefully designed
  • Intentionally crafted (He mentions no more than 6 questions! Whoa!)
  • Thought-provoking
  • Reflective

Take a look at this and one of your “go-to” worksheets. Worth a read no matter your content area. Definitely worth digging into this site and all of its resources if you teach math.



Instructional coach and former art teacher on the hunt for tips, tricks, strategies, and knowledge to pass along.

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