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Google Slides Q & A, Bitmoji, & Word Sneak

Q & A in Google Slides– This was a cool thing that stood out to me on Twitter the other day, I think from @alickeeler (follow her for loads of tech tips). Here is her blog post with the step-by-step. You can also find posts and videos from Google to walk you through the process. But here’s the idea–

  • A URL is displayed at the top of the Google Slides presentation for students to submit questions throughout your instruction.
  • Students can see questions being asked and vote on ones that they share, allowing you to see which questions seem to be ones shared by the group.
  • You can then push the questions you would like to address to the display screen when you are ready to answer them.

Isn’t that neat?! I like the idea that students are given the ability to ask their question when it comes to them instead of waiting with their hand up until you are ready to call on them. Then, more often than not,  they forgotten the question they were going to ask because you have moved on. Problem solved. It also shows you what needs to be addressed with the whole group or with individual students. Sweet.

Bitmoji– So, this has kind of become a mild obsession of mine. I confess. It truly isn’t adding anything of real value to anything I do– but it is SO entertaining and visually stimulating! If you have not yet created a Bitmoji of yourself, I recommend it. All you do is hop on the website, or download the app, and click through loads of options to create a virtual image of yourself. You can even choose seasonal outfits! Eeek! Once you have the virtual “you” ready to go, copy and paste that baby into everything from emails to documents and presentations. A little personalization to jazz things up a bit. FUN!

Teach Like the Tonight Show: Word Sneak– Kasey Bell (@ShakeUpLearning) posted on her blog, Shake Up Learning, a few weeks ago this super fun idea for practicing vocabulary in any content area. I believe she originally got the idea from another post (Caitlin Tucker), but Kasey has other “Teach Like the Tonight Show” ideas posted for you to check out. Take a look at her full post and watch the video before implementing this, but here is the basic idea for Word Sneak–

  • Group students into pairs.
  • Provide each student with a list of words (these should be different from each other).
  • Students then try to work the vocabulary words into a seemingly casual conversation.
  • They must go in order.
  • Think about throwing some goofy or off-topic words in to spice things up.
  • Listen in on the hilarious conversations your students will be having!

Kasey also recommends using this game as a pre-assessment to find out what students already know when starting a unit.




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