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Summit Share-Out… Round 2

Here goes round 2 of my GAFE Summit share-out. All of the ideas I’m sharing today were presented by Michelle Armstrong @ArmstrongEdTech at her session titled Fasten Your Seatbelts: Google from A-Z. It was a great session that was exactly what I want when it comes to tech info– quick, easy to research on my own resources, sites, tips or ideas without the extra “fluff”. There are times when I don’t want to play with the resource then and there– I just want the basic idea to look into when I’m ready. So, without further ado, here is just a tiny taste of what she shared!

Draftback Extension– Draftback is a Chrome extension that allows the owner (anyone with rights to edit) of a Google Doc to look back at the revision history. Not only can you see who edited what and when, but you can even have it played back as a video. How can we use it at school? Statistics can show how long a student spent on the do cument and their revision steps. Check for participation in group work, watch for plagiarism (copy & pasting), or walk a group through the process of revising.– Check out this site for great templates. Flippity helps you create flashcards (which is how the site began), quiz shows, brackets and more. Pick a template and easily create your own content review. There’s other fun stuff like a random name picker and badges!  

GeoGuessr– GeoGuessr  looks like one of those games that could easily fill a person’s time– especially my husband’s. The idea is that you have been dropped somewhere in the world and your goal is to figure out where you are. Using Google Maps’ (street view) 360 views, look all around you to piece together any clues that you can. Once you think you’ve got it, drop a pin on the map. Your score is calculated by how far your pin is from the place that you were dropped. There is a single player and challenge mode. There are also other games that are more specific to state capitols, famous places all over the world, and more. For a limited time GeoSettr allows teachers to create their own GeoGuessr games. I’m not sure of any of the details or reasons why, but it is my understanding that this site (GeoSettr only) will only be up and running until May 1st– check it out while you still can!

Incredibox– This is definitely a fun site & app that I am dying to see teachers put to creative use. Incredibox allows students to create music tracks with a little band of beatboxers. Click and drag icons onto the little dudes and they begin to make sounds– the more you add the more complex the track becomes. I’ve not yet thought of a single out-of-the-music-classroom use yet but I know someone will have a great idea for this! Check it out and let me know what you think. I’d love to brainstorm with you!

Unsplash– Check out Unsplash— a site that offers free (yep, use ‘em how you’d like) high-resolution photographs for your use. Search by topic (school gave me the one above) or just scroll through what’s new. You’ll love some of these photos. Once you’ve got what you need just click Download and do with it what you will — add to presentations, sites, think about using them as thinking prompts related to the topic that day or even zoom in on an image and have students try to guess what they are looking at. I believe I’ve seen a number of these photos in SlidesCarnival templates– they are very striking.

If you’ve not made it to a GAFE Summit yet, I highly recommend that you make it a priority to go. These two posts don’t even scratch the surface of what one can learn and the connections that can be made. I plan to move beyond the Summit next week and share other classroom ideas but will sprinkle more tech gems throughout future posts. Thanks so much to all of the presenters, organizers, and volunteers that made for a great weekend and learning experience– see you next year!



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