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Welcome Back– A Couple Quick Tips

Here are a few small ideas for the beginning of the year. If you would like more information or help putting any of these ideas into action, please let me know!

  • Sub Tub— This is something elementary teachers may be familiar with– so let’s steal it! Create a bin/milk crate/tub that contains lesson plans, seating charts, and any needed handouts for those days that you are unable to come in and prepare substitute lesson plans. It’s also great to keep everyone organized and in one place for those times when you may have up to 5 or 6 different subs in your room!
  • Seating Chart Pictures— Just a reminder that you can print seating charts with student pictures on them. This is great for substitute teachers and for the first few weeks of school while you are learning names. Hop into Skyward after assigning seats; click By Seating Chart; Printer Friendly Listing and adjust the size of the pictures to your liking before you hit print.
  • New Student Bags— While you have all of your beginning-of-the-year paperwork and supplies out the first few days, place extras in individual Ziploc gallon-sized bags. You can even write a note such as, “Welcome to class!” on the front. When new students enroll or schedules change, you can simply hand the new student a bag with everything they need to start your class on the right foot.




Instructional coach and former art teacher on the hunt for tips, tricks, strategies, and knowledge to pass along.

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